14 ways to Grow your LinkedIn Company Page Followers

The old adage ‘build it and they will come’ isn’t quite true when it comes to your social media presence.

Especially your LinkedIn Company Page.

14 ways to grow your LinkedIn company page followers

A question I’m regularly asked is ‘how do we grow our company page followers?’ so I’ve set out below 14 things firms could do RIGHT NOW.

  1. Regularly post updates that are relevant and useful to your followers (if visitors to your company page see you’re active they may choose to follow you). When posting these updates consider segmenting your audience by sharing posts with a targeted audience (i.e. those followers who will be interested in that particular update – for example, you wouldn’t send a post about your graduate programme to a client).
  2. Use the in-built analytics to replicate popular updates.
  3. Post jobs
  4. Optimise your company page by taking advantage of all the features (roving spotlight, promotions, video etc).
  5. Add a Follow Company plugin to your website. When someone clicks on it, they will automatically begin following your Company Page and status updates you post from this page will appear in their news feed.
  6. Encourage your staff, referrers and clients to follow your company page and to like, share or comment on your updates. This will help to spread the word to their networks.
  7. Include a visual link to your LinkedIn company page in your email signatures.
  8. Include your LinkedIn company page URL on your business cards and in other collateral (such as newsletters, news-alerts and careers literature)
  9. Put up a sign in your reception to let clients and other visitors know they can follow your firm/company on LinkedIn to be kept updated about [insert the issues you will post about]. You may also want to set up a computer to make it easy for them to log into LinkedIn and follow your company while they are waiting.
  10. Thank new followers and reciprocate by following them, if appropriate.
  11. Follow other company pages (clients, referrers and other business partners).
  12. Share company updates with relevant LinkedIn groups – provided they are helpful and relevant. Ensure you include some commentary when doing so.
  13. Use LinkedIn Ads or sponsored updates to share helpful information in your firm’s name.
  14. Keep a log of questions, comments and topics being asked or discussed by your target market and post updates around these.

What did I miss?

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