4 top tips for professionals to leverage Facebook

by Kirsten Hodgson

It's good to see so many professional services firms setting up Facebook pages (and to see that some are reserving their Google+ pages). However, I don't think that relying on a company page is the key to leveraging Facebook or Google+ from a business development and marketing perspective (with the exception of recruitment).

I believe that it's far more important for lawyers, accountants, engineers and other professionals to find those communities already catering to those they want to engage with and to be active there. For example, if you are targeting property investors it is worth searching this term within Facebook (search both pages and groups using the search filters down the left hand side of the page). You can then comment on discussions and even start them on some pages. Over time you can look to draw people's attention to your company page.

I know an accountant who generates a reasonable amount of business from Facebook  each year simply by engaging with others in places they already 'like'. He doesn't even have his own Facebook page. 

With that in mind my top 4 Facebook tips for professionals are: 

1. Search for those pages and groups where the people you wish to engage are already active and start to build relationships there.

2. If you do set up a company page seek to build a community. For example, you may post the latest information and articles related to your area of expertise on your site to try to position it as the go to place for information about that topic. Alternatively, you may wish to use your page as a Q&A. Have a look at what others are doing to give you some ideas of what seems to work well.

3. Give people a reason to 'Like' your page. Why should they push the Like button? How is it going to benefit them? Decide and then tell people. And make sure that you think about how to keep those people liking your page in the long run. I've 'un-liked' (not sure that's even a word!) a number of company pages because they drew me in for a specific reason, such as to support a fundraising effort, but have then stopped engaging once the campaign is finished.

4. Include a landing page to drive people to push the 'Like' button. Zappos and Red Bull have done this well. The main reason to do this is that when people go into Facebook they often only check their Homepage so you want your content to appear in their newsfeed. This will only happen if they have 'Liked' you.

What other tips would you share? 

How, if at all, has using Facebook benefited your business? 

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