5 habits of successful law firm social media managers – additional thoughts

by Kirsten Hodgson

Kevin O’Keefe (@kevinokeefe), CEO and Publisher at Lexblog, wrote a great post last week on the 5 habits of successful law firm social media managers. It’s based on a post by Andrew Caravella (@andrewcaravella), vice president of marketing at Sprout Social, a social media management and engagement platform.

Kevin provided some great advice, that I’d like to add to. So, for what it’s worth, here are my two-pennies:

Embracing internal social networks and becoming a social business

Kevin wisely advises law firm social media managers to prioritise the platforms they use and to align business strategy/goals with the tactics.

One area, related to this, law firm social media managers need to drive is the use of internal social networks.

Law firms are their own worst enemies.

Their structure, physical layout and, in some cases, sheer size, encourage silos and make information sharing a challenge! While some firms do have internal social networks I’d question how well they are actually being used to facilitate better working and information sharing across a firm. And whether they’re actively being used to support firms’ to achieve their strategic objectives.

Are those at the top sharing info via this network?

Are they sharing meeting minutes on there?

Are they rewarding others who share information and collaborate?

A law firm social media manager can make a real difference by learning from the likes of IBM, Microsoft and some of the accounting firms and driving the effective use of a firm’s internal social network.

This will help firms to make better use of other social networks and help remove many of the current obstacles.

Eat the elephant one bite at a time

The other thing that really struck a chord was Kevin and Andrew’s advice to “create strategic alliances and set the tone for compelling social behavior.”

There are always going to be social media sceptics or those who just don’t want to use the tools.

But then there are others who are keen to learn and to understand how they can use the tools to achieve their goals.

Start small. Start with these people and build outwards. Over time share their successes and bring others on board that way. You can’t eat the elephant in one bite and that’s particularly true in a law firm.

But you can effect change by focusing on the paths of least resistance.

And by focusing on those things that will make the biggest difference.

Building a social business and using the tools to best effect will have a huge (and positive) impact on your firm and the achievement of its goals.

It’ll be a roller-coaster ride…but what an amazing ride to be on.

What other habits do you think successful law firm social media managers should adopt? 

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