5 pillars of LinkedIn success

Have you ever noticed that there are some people who just seem to use LinkedIn really well? They’re the people you follow even though you’ve never met them, whose content you open because you know they provide good quality information, and who you suspect are getting good returns on their investment/engagement.

But, what is it that makes them so successful?

A number of these people were kind enough to agree to be case studies for some seminars I ran on social media for professional services firms. I noticed they, and others who I follow, are doing some similar things:

  1. They have a clear plan – they know who their target audience is, what their goals are, and how they will measure the return on their investment/engagement. They are putting their plan into practice every day.
  2. Their profiles are complete and compelling.
  3. They regularly share good content, that’s of interest to their target audience. This includes both content they’ve generated as well as information others have produced. They usually have a blog as the repository for their content.
  4. They regularly contribute to relevant group discussions and give away tips and good ideas for free. They ask questions and really engage with others. They make their target audience think. Often they ask questions designed to generate inbound leads in the areas in which they want those leads – thus pre-qualifying prospects.
  5. They seek to move the relationships beyond LinkedIn – for example, by following up a discussion via LinkedIn email, sending something related to the topic you’ve been discussing, or setting up a time to talk. Their approach is intelligent and polite.

If you want to leverage LinkedIn successfully, I strongly believe that following these five pillars will take you a long way. And if you want to learn from some masters in the professional services space, I recommend you follow (or at least take a look at):

Adam Gordon

Robert Algeri

Kate Billing

Promod Sharma

Cordell Parvin

Nancy Myrland

What are the other secrets of successful LinkedIn users in the professional services space? 

Who else would you recommend following in this area? 


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  • http://www.greatjakes.com/blog Robert Algeri

    Hi Kirsten.
    Love your post. Thanks for including me! I was curious about the first point in your piece, “They have a clear plan.” I’d love to know what the plans of others are and how they put them into practice. Perhaps this is a future blog post?…

    • http://kscopemarketing.wordpress.com Kirsten Hodgson

      Great idea for a future post Robert – will start work on that over Easter! Happy to share some of the great things people are doing that they’ve been kind enough to share with me…I’ve learnt so much just by asking professionals the questions.

  • http://marketingactuary.com Promod Sharma | @mActuary

    Thanks for this excellent post, Kirsten. Now that you’ve listed the pillars, I see they make sense. I hadn’t thought about common elements of success before.

    I agree with Robert that more about point #1 would be helpful.

    PS Thanks for including me in your list :)

    • http://kscopemarketing.wordpress.com Kirsten Hodgson

      No worries, I will definitely put together more info re. point #1. Thanks for your comment Promod – I really appreciate it.

  • http://www.AndrewBaird.tv/ Andrew Baird

    Great post Kirsten, and great to see the different range of profiles you highlighted there.

    • http://kscopemarketing.wordpress.com Kirsten Hodgson

      Thanks for your feedback Andrew. Appreciate it.