Building your brand: The power of one click

As a professional you probably regularly consume content.

You may read the paper.

The trade press.



You may watch things on YouTube.

Listen to the radio or to Podcasts.

And this is all great for your own interests and learning.

BUT you could be missing out on a trick.

Don’t just consume content, become a ‘go to’ source for others

If you’re keeping up to date with what’s going on in your field, it’s a simple process to share this knowledge with those in your network.

With literally one click of a button you could be positioning yourself with your clients, prospects and referrers.

You could be DEMONSTRATING to them that you’re on top of the issues.

You could become a ‘go to’ source of great content.

And you could help them to form a connection in their mind between you and the content you share.

After all if you share corporate governance related content often enough, people will start to associate you with corporate governance, and that could lead to more work down the track.

How do you move from being a pure consumer of content to someone who shares it?

First of all I recommend you download an app such as Feedly (or Pulse) onto your mobile phone.

Search for the topics that interest you using the +Add Content button and then set up categories so you can easily find the info you want to see (you can search for publications too).

Check each category when you have time – such as at lunchtime, on the train, when watching TV, or while waiting for a meeting to start.

If you read, watch or listen to something that’s relevant to your network share it – via LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, other channels or a combination. Or you can choose to email it to specific contacts.

What are you waiting for?

Start benefiting from all that content you consume by doing other people’s reading for them.

Is this something you already do? How has sharing content helped to build your brand?

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