How are law firms using Infographics?

by Kirsten Hodgson

Source: The Christensen Law firm website

Following my blog post last year about how law firms can use infographics, I thought it would be good to find some examples of infographics law firms have put together. 

A quick google search threw up the following 5 examples. It’s great to see some law firms are embracing these but disappointing that it only appears to be US firms that have produced these so far.

  1. One of my favourite infographics is by Loeb & Loeb. I love the fact that this is not stand-alone but is part of the firm’s Media MindShare series that looks at what the dominant issues will be in 2012 in the digital marketplace. The firm’s also put together some videos and this is a great example of a firm thinking about an issue and creating and sharing a variety of content around it. The only downside is I couldn’t find the infographic on the firm’s website or blog. I’m sure it’s there but it wasn’t obvious to me.
  2. Christensen Law Firm, personal injury lawyers, has produced a number of infographics on various issues related to its areas of expertise. These are designed to help clients gain valuable, accurate information and to communicate it in an entertaining way. It certainly looks like they are on top of the issues. Their infographics include distracted driving, US oil consumption, cycling injuries revealed and insurance profits.
  3. De Witt Law Firm put together an infographic around a high profile murder trial that captivated the public’s interest in their market – the Casey Anthony Trial – the infographic set out the possible outcomes of a trial and the key elements the prosecution must prove to get a conviction. I like the fact they prominently displayed the code so that people could embed the infographic on their website or blog. While a horrendous Case, this was a smart use of an infographic to communicate information the public would want to understand. 
  4. The Cowan Kirk Gaston Law Firm, DUI (Driving under the influence) lawyers in Seattle have put together an infographic about Washington DUI facts. It’s another good example of a firm using an infographic to position its lawyers in a specific area of expertise.
  5. California firm Bohm, Matsen, Kegal & Aguilera, estate planning lawyers, posted an infographic entitled What happens to debt after you die? I’m not sure if the firm put it together or just posted it, but if the latter, then it’s great that they’ve found and shared some content that will be valuable to their clients and prospective clients.

Infographics are a great way to break down complicated information in an easy-to-absorb way.

They are another way you can re-purpose content.

They are a way to position your firm and your lawyers and to show you are specialists in your field.

So why aren’t they used more widely by law firms? 

What’s your view?

What other examples of law firm infographics have you seen?

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  • Urs E. Gattiker – @ComMetrics

    Dear Colleague

    Thanks for this list of infographics that is really useful. I added a few tips to our blog regarding how to make one.


    • Kirsten Hodgson

      Thanks Urs, look forward to seeing the tips on your blog. Great that there’s somewhere to go to find out what makes a good infographic.