LinkedIn Signal: helping professionals to cut through the clutter

by Kirsten Hodgson

Ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information that appears in your LinkedIn updates stream? 

Perhaps you want to see who's been sharing useful content, who's got a new job, or who's connected to who. 

It can be difficult when the information is all mixed up – particularly for those of you with larger networks. But it doesn't have to be. 

If you want to cut through the clutter and quickly find the information that's important to you then consider using LinkedIn's Signal. 

Signal is essentially a searchable news and information feed on LinkedIn. It's one of the LinkedIn features I use often – to see what content those in my network are sharing, to research clients and prospects, or to see what's being said about a particular topic. It allows you to quickly eliminate the information you don't want to see

How can I access Signal? 

Go to the 'News' tab on your LinkedIn toolbar and select 'Signal' from the drop-down list. You can then set up searches using a range of criteria and can save these so that you can quickly access the latest information in future. 

What criteria can I search by? 

Keyword – such as a topic, someone's name, a company name or an industry sector. 

Network – your updates, updates by your 1st degree connections (i.e. those people to whom you are directly connected) or your 2nd degree connections (those people to whom your 1st degree connections are connected). 




Time – such as the past hour, past day, past week or past two weeks. 

School (read University)




Update Type – such as who's connected to who, shares, groups, answers etc. allowing you to quickly hone in on what you want to know. 

Additional tools – such as updates by category (i.e. type of update), updates by connection (i.e. showing activity for each person in your network) and your updates. 

If you've got a new business meeting planned, are responding to an RFP, want inspiration for your blog or an article you're writing, or are doing client, industry or practice group planning, take a look at Signal. It's easy to use (just remember to clear your previous search before conducting a new one) and can be an information goldmine. 

Do you use Signal? How has it helped you? 

What other ways would you recommend professionals use Signal? 

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  • Christine

    I don’t appear to have Signal on my More tab. Is this a non-basic feature?

    • Kirsten Hodgson

      Hi Christine, I actually typed that in wrong – I meant to say ‘News’ tab – I’ve corrected it now. Thanks for spotting it. You should see it in the ‘News’ drop down menu.