Should I allow comments on my professional services firm’s Facebook page?

by Kirsten Hodgson

Short answer: yes. 

That is, if you want to see any benefit from Facebook.

Otherwise you're just using it to talk at people. When you should be aiming to engage them in conversation in order to build relationships. 

One question lawyers, accountants and other professionals frequently ask me is "But what if someone says something bad about me?"

Chance's are, if they are going to do so then they already are. But you're just not aware of it.

Wouldn't you rather know and wouldn't you rather they did it somewhere where you have the opportunity to respond in a professional manner? 

You may find people say great things about you too.

Dealing with client complaints on your Facebook page (or anywhere public) is pretty simple. It doesn't require an exercise in point-scoring, nor is it about who's right or wrong…

…it's about protecting your reputation.

You don't need to get into a debate online. Often it's enough to say "I'm sorry you had a bad experience. I'll call you now to discuss how I can put things right". You can then resolve the issue offline. 

Others can see you've done something about it and will know you listen and respond to your clients.

If the comment is incorrect (e.g. based on misinformation) you can set out the facts or direct the person to the full story (on your website). Others can then view this too, which will work in your favour as it will help to stop further rumours.

Bottom line: don't be scared of negative feedback. It often means the person still cares…and it gives you a chance to demonstrate your professionalism.

Would you rather know about comments your clients may be making about you and have the chance to respond? Or not? 

What's your view? 

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