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How to set up the new LinkedIn Showcase Pages in your Company Pages (video)

LinkedIn’s just announced its new Showcase Pages, which are a great addition to your Company Pages. 

As LinkedIn says:

“LinkedIn members will be able to follow the specific brands and products they care most about that have Showcase Pages.”

This is great news for professional services firms. You can set up showcase pages for up to 10 of your services. People can choose to follow these pages in addition to, or instead of your company page, allowing them to self-select the info that’s relevant to them.

They’re another great way to share helpful content with other LinkedIn users and to build a community – essentially they’re all about sharing great content. But, unless you’re a big brand, it’ll likely take time to build your followers.

And you’ll need to think carefully about your capacity to manage these pages. They will need to be regularly updated (ideally at least weekly) so there is fresh content and you look on top of the issues. The good news is that you can use a mix of your own and third party content to position you so it shouldn’t be too onerous to find things to post.

This ‘how to’ video below shows you how to set up a showcase page (and how to delete one should you need to).

Tips for promoting your Showcase pages

There are so many ways to promote your Showcase Pages. Here’s a list of ideas to get you started:

  • Get relevant people within the firm to include links to these on their profiles (ideally at the bottom of the summary section).
  • Include links from relevant pages on your website to these showcase pages.
  • Include a link in your email signoff.
  • Mention this in your news-alerts, in client meetings, at the end of seminars or presentations.
  • Invite relevant contacts to follow a showcase page for news on ‘X’.
  • Pay for some of the really valuable posts to appear as sponsored updates in a certain demographic’s LinkedIn feed – a number may then follow a particular Showcase page in return.

How to set up the new LinkedIn Showcase Pages in your Company Pages

I’d love to know what you think of Showcase Pages. Let me know in the comments and please share Pages you’ve set up. And please share this post if you find it valuable. Thanks.

What would happen if YOU were locked out of LinkedIn?

If you use LinkedIn to build your profile, keep up with your existing connections and/or find and begin to build relationships with more of your ideal prospects then PLEASE implement the two steps below to make sure you’re as protected as you can be should you lose access to LinkedIn for any reason.

What would happen if YOU were locked out of LinkedIn?

Last week, I went to log into LinkedIn and saw…


There was a blank screen.

I typed in the URL of another website and it popped up just fine.

So, I tried again.

Nada. Continue reading

14 ways to Grow your LinkedIn Company Page Followers

The old adage ‘build it and they will come’ isn’t quite true when it comes to your social media presence.

Especially your LinkedIn Company Page.

14 ways to grow your LinkedIn company page followers

A question I’m regularly asked is ‘how do we grow our company page followers?’ so I’ve set out below 14 things firms could do RIGHT NOW. Continue reading

LinkedIn as an internal communications tool in professional services firms

by Kirsten Hodgson

When you think of internal communications you tend to think of tools such as Yammer. LinkedIn doesn’t automatically spring to mind. BUT if you’re a lawyer, accountant, engineer, or internal marketing professional it should definitely form part of your internal communications arsenal.

At a basic level ensure your profile positions you well with your colleagues. Even if your clients are internal, they may well look at your LinkedIn profile to find out more about you, your skills and how you can help them.

What conclusions would they draw from your profile? 

By connecting with your colleagues on LinkedIn you can not only leverage one another’s contacts but can also use LinkedIn to help break down silos and make them aware of issues their clients might be facing with which you can help (through the status updates feature). If you use this in conjunction with one on one meetings, door-stopping, news-alerts, key client, industry sector and cross-practice group meetings, it can be very powerful indeed.

A couple of weeks ago LinkedIn launched its targeted updates feature to all companies on LinkedIn. This gives internal communications teams (and the professionals they work for) the ability to send tailored messages to their colleagues. While these will be visible to anyone viewing the company page they will only appear in the updates stream of those ‘followers’ you select. This could be a great way to communicate or reinforce key messages and sharing these on LinkedIn makes it easy for your colleagues to share these with their networks. 

When using LinkedIn for internal marketing purposes, focus on helping your colleagues. If they share information that your contacts would benefit from seeing, share their update (or at a mimimum ‘Like’ or ‘Comment’ on it). If you become aware of a skill they have that one of your clients may need, offer to make an introduction. Each month aim to introduce one of your colleagues to one of your connections who would benefit from meeting them. 

In large firms it’s almost impossible to know all your colleagues. You can harness the power of LinkedIn to get to know some of them a little better. It’s not a tool you should use in isolation but could add rocket-fuel to your existing internal communications initiatives. 

How else could you use LinkedIn for internal communications within a professional services firm? 

LinkedIn company profile for law firms – which firms use this feature well?

by Kirsten Hodgson

LinkedIn has built more functionality into its LinkedIn company profile feature over the past 12 months or so. I took a look at the company profiles of the first 100 law firms to appear in the LinkedIn search results to see which firms are taking advantage of this feature and to put together a list of those worth looking at if you're building your LinkedIn company profile.

I used the keyword 'Law Firms' in my search and the first 100 results included many of the leading UK, US, Canadian and Australian firms. I also took a look at the 8 largest New Zealand firms (none of which had set up their services pages). The total number of law firm profiles returned by my search was 18,017. While some of these are service providers to the legal sector, the majority are firms themselves. 

While about half the firms I looked at have developed their profiles in some way, the vast majority are still not taking advantage of the feature, despite their followers numbering from the high hundreds to well over 5,000 in some cases. 

Missed opportunity? I think so. 

Granted, some of these followers will be staff and others will be competitors, but many appear to be clients, prospective clients, and potential staff. If they've already chosen to follow your firm through LinkedIn, why wouldn't you try to engage with them within this platform? Make it easy for them to access information you share and information about your firm within LinkedIn. 

Which law firms are using this feature well? 

Before I come onto this, if you want to know what it's possible to do with your LinkedIn company profile check out this short video I put together a few weeks ago. 

The best examples of firms, making good use of the features available, are: 

DLA Piper - I really like the way the firm has laid out its services – practice groups is one service, global sectors is another, its microsites are listed and there's a service titled Interact with us that provides information about the firm's blog, Twitter feed, YouTube and Facebook pages. It's a great way of communicating a lot of information without overwhelming people. 

Goodwin Procter - like DLA Piper, Goodwin Procter makes good use of the Product and Service spotlight and it's a rare example of a firm that's set up a promotion on its services homepage (for its sustainable development blog). 

Axiom - While Axiom doesn't appear to be posting status updates I love its services homepage – it's the only firm I could find, that has uploaded a video. 

Other firms who are using this feature pretty well include Baker Donelson and Foley Hoag

There are several other firms that have set up their services pages but a number of these don't currently have a services landing page, which is a shame as you just see a list of their services without an introduction (the advantage of having the introduction is that you can tailor it to different audiences and provide a flavour of who you help, how you can help and what you're like to work with). 

There are other firms that have set up their careers page but haven't set up their services page. And there are way too many firms that have done nothing to their company profiles. 

I know that it's another thing for already stretched marketing teams to do, but much of the information can be copied from your website. At the very least I'd recommend you take a look at who your firm's followers are and then consider how, if at all, you should use this feature. 

Which other firms do you think are using the company profiles feature well? 

Do you think firms should use it? Why/why not?