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LinkedIn company profile for law firms – which firms use this feature well?

by Kirsten Hodgson

LinkedIn has built more functionality into its LinkedIn company profile feature over the past 12 months or so. I took a look at the company profiles of the first 100 law firms to appear in the LinkedIn search results to see which firms are taking advantage of this feature and to put together a list of those worth looking at if you're building your LinkedIn company profile.

I used the keyword 'Law Firms' in my search and the first 100 results included many of the leading UK, US, Canadian and Australian firms. I also took a look at the 8 largest New Zealand firms (none of which had set up their services pages). The total number of law firm profiles returned by my search was 18,017. While some of these are service providers to the legal sector, the majority are firms themselves. 

While about half the firms I looked at have developed their profiles in some way, the vast majority are still not taking advantage of the feature, despite their followers numbering from the high hundreds to well over 5,000 in some cases. 

Missed opportunity? I think so. 

Granted, some of these followers will be staff and others will be competitors, but many appear to be clients, prospective clients, and potential staff. If they've already chosen to follow your firm through LinkedIn, why wouldn't you try to engage with them within this platform? Make it easy for them to access information you share and information about your firm within LinkedIn. 

Which law firms are using this feature well? 

Before I come onto this, if you want to know what it's possible to do with your LinkedIn company profile check out this short video I put together a few weeks ago. 

The best examples of firms, making good use of the features available, are: 

DLA Piper - I really like the way the firm has laid out its services – practice groups is one service, global sectors is another, its microsites are listed and there's a service titled Interact with us that provides information about the firm's blog, Twitter feed, YouTube and Facebook pages. It's a great way of communicating a lot of information without overwhelming people. 

Goodwin Procter - like DLA Piper, Goodwin Procter makes good use of the Product and Service spotlight and it's a rare example of a firm that's set up a promotion on its services homepage (for its sustainable development blog). 

Axiom - While Axiom doesn't appear to be posting status updates I love its services homepage – it's the only firm I could find, that has uploaded a video. 

Other firms who are using this feature pretty well include Baker Donelson and Foley Hoag

There are several other firms that have set up their services pages but a number of these don't currently have a services landing page, which is a shame as you just see a list of their services without an introduction (the advantage of having the introduction is that you can tailor it to different audiences and provide a flavour of who you help, how you can help and what you're like to work with). 

There are other firms that have set up their careers page but haven't set up their services page. And there are way too many firms that have done nothing to their company profiles. 

I know that it's another thing for already stretched marketing teams to do, but much of the information can be copied from your website. At the very least I'd recommend you take a look at who your firm's followers are and then consider how, if at all, you should use this feature. 

Which other firms do you think are using the company profiles feature well? 

Do you think firms should use it? Why/why not?