Two cool ways for professionals to use LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be an incredibly powerful marketing and business development tool and there are some fantastic examples of professionals using it really well to engage with their target audiences.

I thought it would be good to share some great things others are doing every now and again. Here are two that I particularly like:

The first example is from Toby Marshall who runs the GBO (Get Booked Out) Group on LinkedIn. He and his team regularly initiate great discussions but the brilliant thing they do is summarize discussion threads in a blog, pulling out the salient points and attributing them to group members. Toby then:

  • posts this for members of the group to share with their networks
  • tweets the link to the blog

This provides a really good record of the discussion in an easily digestible form enabling people to see all perspectives. It also gives those members who have commented additional exposure.

The second example I like (and that I recently did myself) is producing a free guide, or a summary of some market research that your target audience will value and offering this to people via relevant LinkedIn groups. This is not only a great way of positioning yourself but is also a great way to try to help people. As a result of offering a free guide to getting valuable client feedback, I have had some interesting discussions with several people and have sent well over 100 people a copy over the past month.

I’ve also taken others up on their offers of sharing free information and have always been able to take away at least one or two things I can implement in my own business – to me that’s really valuable. For example, late last year I requested Adam Gordon’s free LinkedIn opportunities guide, which I thought was well written and provided some good ideas about how to start leveraging LinkedIn. It inspired me to further research some LinkedIn functionality I wasn’t previously aware of. Since then I’ve had a couple of discussions with Adam and would definitely recommend him to friends and ex-colleagues in the UK looking to leverage LinkedIn.

The great thing about offering a free guide is that you tend to stay top of the discussion forum for a while. This is important because people often don’t check LinkedIn every day. Having your discussion show up near the top of the page for a prolonged period maximises your exposure to others and increases uptake.

What other examples of professionals using LinkedIn well from a business development and marketing perspective have you seen? 

What would your top tip for engaging with groups be? 


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